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February Solo Exhibition - Fine Art Doodles

  • Atkinson Fine Arts Building 115 East Green Street Bensenville, IL, 60106 United States (map)

Opening Reception - February 1, 2017 (7pm-9pm) , Collectors Club (6pm)

By manipulating everyday shapes, lines and curves to create confusion, Ms. Blaszczyk sets out to create an unprecedented situation.  The viewer is confronted with the conditioning of their own perception and interprets each piece by reflecting one’s own world.

"My drawings are saturated with forms and images, with respect to both originality and clichés. This allows for the questioning of the ideas that are derived from the more profound meaning and the superficial aesthetic appearance of an image.  By exaggerating certain formal aspects inherent to our contemporary society, I touch various overlapping themes and strategies. Several reoccurring patterns and objects can be recognized, working with repetition to both compliment and defy expectations."  - Maggie Blaszczyk

Using written and drawn symbols, They create worlds where light-heartedness triumphs and rules are undermined. She tries to reference the abstract yet recognizable forms. This results in deconstructed views, to the extent that the intended meaning is shifted and possible interpretation becomes multifaceted. On one hand, Ms. Blaszczyk wants the viewers to see my works as touchingly beautiful, while on the other, painfully attractive.  She wants to leave the viewer orphaned with a mix of conflicting feelings and thoughts. This will allow for my art to stay relevant for years to come, through new interpretations.