Bronze, Silver, or Gold Membership

Bronze, Silver, or Gold Membership

from 9.99 every month

 Your subscription comes complete with your online gallery listings, full support of the Atkinson Collection Gallery’s marketing and social media teams.  Monthly data reporting and listing updates.  

Bronze: 2 Listings per month, Silver: 5 Listings per month, Gold: 10 Listings per month

Once you are a member:

We will email you a listing form and request between 1 and 5 images of each piece. The information and images will be uploaded by our Web development team within 5 business days. High quality images are encouraged.

Once your artwork is sold:

When your piece sells you will be emailed notification within one business day with delivery information.

Delivery of Artwork:

We request that you provide tracking information for the shipped piece within five business days of the sale notification.

Buyers must receive artwork 12 business days after purchase notification. You as the artist are responsible for shipping costs

Your Payment:

Funds are released within 5 business days of delivery notification. There will be a 4.9% online payment processing fee. That is the cost the gallery is charged to recieve a payment and also release funds.

Transaction Cancellation:

A sale will be canceled if tracking information is not sent to the gallery within five business days after notification of sale, or if delivery is not complete within 12 business days after purchase unless delivery time is delayed by an external force.

Listing Updates and Changes:

Members will recieve a form on the 25th day of each month to change prices, swap images, or change the listing all together.

Monthly Data Reporting:

Every month on the 5th day the gallery will send you valuable information regarding each of your listings. We will provide sales information such as if anyone attempted to purchase your work, listing view count, and ranking amongst other listings.

Memberhsip Level: