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Apply to Become a Represented Artist

Please read the information about representation below and then email the gallery at: info@theatkinsoncollection.com

Include in the body of your email the following:

  • Your name, address, phone number
  • Personal Website and/or Websites your work is on
  • Galleries you are represented at
  • Most recent piece sold with title, size, and final price


  • 1-8 Original artworks you have created
  • Titles, sizes, materials used, surface (ex canvas)
  • Framed or unframed, year created, price

Please attach all images with titles they correspond to.

Thank you,

The Atkinson Collection Gallery


Representation Information:

Originality - We have a strict policy to only offer our clientele original works. Each piece accepted by the gallery must be and is under contract to have never been (or will be) printed or reproduced. This gives our buyers the added benefit, knowing that their new acquisition will never be owned in any way by someone else. They will never be in that awkward situation of walking into someone else’s home and seeing their original piece hanging on someone else’s wall.

Application - All of our applicants go through a strict selection process. Starting with the application. Once we receive the completed application, our acquisitions team reviews and researches, giving our board complete confidence in the pieces, the artist, as well as the proposed pricing. Once the review is complete your application is submitted for approval. Our board is made up of longtime art professionals, collectors and our owner for approval. Final piece(s) selection rests with our owner, Mr. Joshua T. Atkinson. A collector for over 20 years, he ultimately chooses piece that speak to him. Understanding that art is a truly magical and almost spiritual purchase, Mr. Atkinson looks for the “voice” inside the piece.

The Artist – We are proud to be representing artists from over 12 different countries. All of our artists are living (1 exception) and continue to produce. Age, gender, nationality, religion, race, sexual orientation and the artist’s name are all wonderful things that may be useful when advertising but they have no bearing on this gallery’s decision. We do not require any kind of formal art education or study, nor do we require a long history of sales or exhibitions. What we do require is professionalism, dedication, continued creation, originality, integrity and appropriate pricing.

Cost - Signed artists are contracted for two calendar years.  A one-time $250 administration fee will be due upon contract acceptance. This fee guarantees you two years of representation during which your artwork is insured, promoted, and marketed to sell. If your contract is extended or we continue to represent you and your work after the initial contract is up there will not be another fee.

The Gallery recognizes the industry standard of a 50/50 split, however we believe that an artist always deserves to receive a fair price for their own work. Contracts are written so that artists are guaranteed to receive the contracted prices. (50% of retail price listed on application) This ensures that no matter the price the piece is sold at, the artist will always receive exactly what is under contract.